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Military Programs Pricing

UPEC Fitness offers a wide variety of membership options designed to fit your schedule and budget.


Our trainers have taken on the challenges of taking you through the most intense performance training circuits that will not only make you feel like day one at bootcamp all over again, but instill you with the knowledge of how to stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life!! 

Teen & Youth Group Programs

Ages 5-18


This intense group training program will prepare any future soldier for all the challenges any branch of the military will bring. We will help prepare your child physicall, mentally & Emotionally for their future career! 

Youth Package Pricing

Training 5 x Week

Price Initiation Discount Total
$99 $20 15%

$75 Month

$20 Initiation


This package can be made into an adult package.

*Must have 5+ Participants at all times

Individual & Group Training

All Ages

All Branches


Individual or Group training consists of a more in depth fitness program. Our qualified drill instructors will test your strength, agility, power & overall fitness levels each month. By having a fitness coach walk you through the proper form & technique to keep you strong and more importantly avoid injury on and off the job site.

Personal Training Package Pricing
Type Length Session Amount Discount Monthly Total


2 x Week $50 15%


Individual 3 x Week $50 15% $510
Individual 4 x Week $50 15% $680
Individual 5 x Week $50 15% $850
Group 2 x Week $25 15% $204
Group 3 x Week $25 15% $306
Group 4 x Week $25 15% $408
Group 5 x Week $25 15% $510
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