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Client Success Stories

Amari "Tigress" Avery

SCPGA Junior Golfer 


KK Limbhaust
Junior Professional Golfer
UPEC fitness help me gain strength in order to walk and play at my highest performance level for the 4 days events. They helped me to regain the distance I wanted also follow my dream. I hope i will be in the best shape before attending to Cal Berkeley in the fall of 2014 and play on their team. 
KK Limbahsut - UC Berkley
Wanasa Zhou
Junior Tour: SCPGA jr tour
AJGA Junior Tour
Adult Events: USGA
My fitness level was completely out of shape before I had the chance to work with Mario! My dream is to become a professional athlete and I improved so much after only 1 month of workout! I can feel more power when I hit the ball and I no longer get fatigued after hitting a lot of balls. Also I lose some weight too, but getting stronger!
Michael Marcum
Professional Golf Coach
Empire Lakes Golf Club
“I have been working with Mario Franklin for the past four months and I must tell you that my physical strength and shape has changed so much for the better.Mario’s ability to target the area’s I need to work on has been amazing. My golf game has truly changed as I now have more power and stamina than before."
David Eloff
UPEC Member Since June 2012
I stopped playing golf for two years and a year ago rejoined my men's club. I was surprised to find that I had lost a great deal of distance. Where I could hit my 8-iron 150 yards, now I required a 6-iron. I am 67 years old and attributed the loss of distance to my aging. As I play with the men's club seniors, most have the same issue. I started working with Mario on a golf oriented program to increase my strength and flexibility. After about 4 months, I lost 25 pounds and increased my strength and flexibility. I can now hit my clubs the distance I used to (if not longer). Also, where I was tired for the final 3-4 holes, now I have the stamina to finish without any fatigue. I continue to work with Mario and hope that I can continue to improve my distance.  
Hal Roys
UPEC Member since October 2010
My name is Hal Roys and I am 62 and an avid golfer. I have used the services of Mario and UPEC for the last six months. Mario is my personal trainer two days a Week. He is helping me with "core", balance, and strength specific to golf. Mario is serious about his business but very understanding to not push too far beyond my ability. The variety at each workout has shown up in very marked improvement in my swing and golf scores. We always do measurements once a month and together we have seen a solid improvement in all my measurements but mainly in replacing fat with muscle in my body mass. Clothes fit better and l know l look better. I am extremely encouraged and plan to keep going to get as fit as l can be. I am very pleased with the service that Mario and UPEC provide
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