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Here's what our athletes are saying about UPEC Fitness - Universal Performance Enhancement Center.



Level before Training:
High School
Next Level Achieved:
Sport & Position:
Baseball - Pitcher
School or Program:
Cleveland Indians Minor League

"Thanks to UPEC Fitness and Mario Franklin, for helping me along the way to acheiving my dream!"

-Grant Hockin


What did Coach Franklin & UPEC Fitness do for "U"?
I came to UPEC Fitness and Coach Franklin, my senior year in High School because I wanted to get bigger and stronger, so that I can achieve my dream of becoming a Major League Baseball Player. Not only did Coach Franklin get me bigger and stronger than everyone else, but he increased my velocity by 3 mph in only 2 months. I went from topping out at 92 mph, to topping out at 95 mph as a senior in high school. UPEC, got me one step closer to my dream in only 5 months. Coach Franklin, is Secondary 2 None.
-Grant Hockin

Track & Field


Track & Field


University of Arizona


I have been going to UPEC fitness since my junior year of high school I never really had a consistent lifting program until I come to UPEC and trained with Mario. The training I did here I had never done before so it was all new to me. I know that it all helped me to improve because at the end of my senior year of high school I won the state meet in the 400 at 46.53 and I also got a scholarship to the University of Arizona. I trained 3 times a week and I could feel myself getting stronger each day.


3rd in the PAC 12s my freshmen year

3rd again in the 400H & my 4x4 got 2nd my sophomore year

In the PAC 12s my fastest time was 3:04.51

I made USA world Junior’s team for the 4x4 for ages 19 and under!

Hard work does pay off you just have to stick to the program and keep it going. Thanks UPEC!

My next stop is the Olympics 2016 in the 400H!!


Soccer / Track & Field



From the start Mario and I have set many different goals such as getting a scholarship for either soccer or track, by gaining strength, speed, and endurance to help me become a better athlete all around. In order to reach these goals I have been training 2 times a week working on all areas, doing every rep as it should be. Not cheating the workout because in the end I am only cheating myself.

After only a month passed of working out at UPEC I began to notice a big change in my play and speed. I have gained physical strength which has made a difference during my soccer games when going up against my opponent fighting for that ball. As a forward, my speed is a key factor as I sprint pass the defenders in order to score. I received an All-League Recognition Award and as team captain I try and pass along all work out techniques and motivation I have gained at UPEC Fitness.


Won races for the women’s 800m and

Was in the top 5 for the 400m in the MB League

Was awarded the League Champion Title for the 800m

Broke the school record with my time of 2:24 and advanced to CIF

College Football



Top Left Box: Herman Akins

Position: Safety

From: Citrus College (Azusa)

Scholarship: Texas A&M Univeresity (Kingsville, Texas) - Division 2


Top Right Box: Braxton Brown 

Position: Corner

From: Citrus College (Azusa)

Scholarship: Florida A&M Univerity (Tallahasse, Florida) - Division 1


Bottom Left Box: Charles Flowers

Position: Safety

From: Citrus College (Azusa)

Scholarship: University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, North Dakota) - Division 1


Bottom Right Box: Derek Calderon

Position: Corner

From: Citrus College (Azusa)

Scholarship: Tiffin University (Tiffin Ohio) - Division 1


Position: Corner


Scholarship: University of North Dakota - Division 1 AA


Thanks a lot for everything you did for me Coach Franklin. Taking me from 1 interception out of high school honorable mention Sierra league to 5 interceptions my first year at a jc all state and all conference as a freshman. Your Coaching made a big difference in my life. As I take this next step I look forward to being successful using the same tools that you drilled in me and perfecting them to be a lockdown corner at the division 1 level. Thanks again coach!


Position: Safety


Scholarship: Missouri Southern State University - MISSU

Level before Training: Ameteur
Next Level Achieved: D2 Scholarship

What did Coach Franklin & UPEC Fitness do for "U"?
Coach Franklin was the best DB coach I have ever had. When we told me to come to citrus and I went for spring ball all I was thinking about was trying to find some way to get on the field. Listening to the techniques that he taught me showed me how to elevate my level of play. I learned better foot-work also how to press and play off-man. He taught me about zone turning and man turning how to play through the arms of the reciever and how to read the quarterbacks. I learned not to cover grass but to cover the reciever and to be patient and attack when the time is called for. His teaching were so good I was able to earn a scholarship even though I was injured my second season there and I thank him for everything he done for me. Shouts out to Coach Franklin and the Secondary2None movement

How did you meet Coach Franklin?
I met Coach Frank when I went to Chaffey unfortunately I was not able to play that year but they following year he askin me to join him at citrus college, so I took that opportunity to go and continue to better my skills as a defensive back




Scholarship: University of Arizona - PAC 12

Level before training: JC College


Coach Franklin helped me take my talent to the next level, gave me a better view of the game & understanding. It really improved my technique in every aspect!


Position: Safety


Scholarship: Tiffin University
Level before Training:Juco
Next Level Achieved: Division 2

What did Coach Franklin & UPEC Fitness do for "U"?
Coach Franklin helped me in more ways than a lot of people know. He was my DB coach when I played at citrus college. Coach franklin from the beginning was very straight forward and honest with how he felt about what we needed to fix in order to be successful. I hated it at the time but now I appreciate it all. He's helped me take criticism very well and he's showed me how to take what I've learned and apply it to my technique . On top of that coach Franklin is detailed with us when it comes to showing us new techniques to improve our game and won't let us off unless we do things the right way. He worked us hard my year and for that we were the best DB core in the conference and had one of the best season citrus college has had in awhile and individually he helped me take my game to the next level and helped me be were I am today. SECONDARY 2 NONE


Position: Corner


Scholarship: Fresno State


Position: Corner


Scholarship: Florida A&M


Position: Safety


Scholarship: Texas A&M "Kingsville"


Position: Corner


Scholarship: Chowan University


Position: Strong Safety

Scholarship: South Dakota School of Mines



Position: Wide Receiver

Scholarship: New Mexico Military Academy


Position: Safety



Starting:Riverside Community College

Position: Safety


I'll never forget the day in which I began a journey... A journey that would require the heart of a lion and the spirit of a champion. The very second I walked into the UPEC training facility I soon found out that my trainer Mario Franklin meant business. He said to me " Dre Myles what are your goals?" I replied by saying " Mario I want to become a better athlete I mean I'm good but not great and my speed is not up to par with the other college athletes that I've seen.. So I'd like to work on my speed, fast twitch muscles and my vertical leap" Mario smiled and said "let's get it done"..... Those exact words  still ring in my ears two years after I began my journey with the " U" as all us athletes call it . At the "U" my game was transformed and diversified in a small amount of time but plenty of hard work. I use to be embarrassed to run a for because I ran a 4.8.. I was also embarrassed and or nervous to do one on one's because I would often get beat. However as I trained Mario taught me how to be a warrior on top of my now 4.43 speed! The "U" has done any and everything to help me become a better young man as well as a more confident if not over confident athlete. If you want to be the best "U" have to train like the best because at the end of the day " Victory won't come find you...You must seize it"

Position: Running Back


Scholarship to: Kansas City


Since I began training at the Universal Peformance Enhancement Center (UPEC) two years ago, I have seen and felt tremendous improvement in my physical athletic condition.  Not only has my endurance almost tripled, my speed, strength and agility has also greatly improved.  UPEC is serious training for a serious athlete.  Not only do the trainers train, they educate me with muscle enhancement, and supplement knowledge. Training at UPEC has trained me to be both physically and mentally fit. I have recently accepted a full ride athletic scholarship and I owe it all to UPEC. UPEC has defiantly had a positive influence on teaching and influencing me to not only train, but train correctly, and with long term goals in mind. I would highly recommend training at UPEC if you are serious about becoming the best that you can be
Position: Defensive Line
Scholarship: SE Louisiana
UPEC has benefited me as an athlete in many ways. In one month I was able to drop 4% of my body fat and my forty went from a 5.2 to 5.0. I've never felt in better shape than I have after working out at UPEC. I would definitely recommend UPEC to any athlete who is looking to work hard and to get in the best physical shape

Free Safety

School or Program: Citrus College


What did Coach Franklin & UPEC Fitness do for "U"?
Coach Franklin Has Taken The Athletic Ability I Already Had And Shown Me That It Takes More Then Athletic Ability To Dominate The Game Of Football. I Think The Biggest Thing I've Learned From Coach Franklin Is A Football IQ. A More Complete Understanding Of The Game And Specifically My Position. I've Become A Smarter Player Due To His Coaching And Teaching. I've Grown As An Athlete Significantly Since He Has Taken Me In!

High School Football


Position: Safety

School: Rancho Cucamonga

*Later Moved on to play for University of Southern California


UPEC Fitness made me a faster much quicker DB than I was before, it helped make me powerful coming out of my breaks. Coach helped me drive to whatever route the receiver is running. Its a great workout and training sessio... I love it.


Position: Corner


Level before training: Never played tackle football

School: Arrowhead Christian Academy


What did Coach Franklin do for you?

Coach Franklin saw my true potential and helped me acheive it. I became stronger, faster & way more knowledgeable about the game of football. Ive never played tackle football before so Coach taught me everything there is to know about the correct techniques for my position. He helped me achievea starting spot and my team made it to CIF Finals!! Thanks Coach!


Junior Professional Golfer
Scholarship: UC Berkley
UPEC fitness help me gain strength in order to walk and play at my highest performance level for the 4 days events. They helped me to regain the distance I wanted also follow my dream. I hope i will be in the best shape before attending to Cal Berkeley in the fall of 2014 and play on their team. 
Scholarship: University of Arizona
Junior Tour: SCPGA jr tour
AJGA Junior Tour
Adult Events: USGA
My fitness level was completely out of shape before I had the chance to work with Mario! My dream is to become a professional athlete and I improved so much after only 1 month of workout! I can feel more power when I hit the ball and I no longer get fatigued after hitting a lot of balls. Also I lose some weight too, but getting stronger!
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