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MILES PARISH - Full ride scholarship to University of Arizona
GRANT HOCKIN - Damien H.S. 2nd Round Draft Pick to the Cleveland Indian Minors
KHEMKHON "KK" LIMBHASUT Full Ride Scholarship to Cal Berkley

Welcome to UPEC Fitness

Inland Empires Sports Performance & Personal Training Facility


UPEC Offers the most extensive training in all aspects of sports fitness. By increasing your Speed, Power, Strength & Flexibility, our programs will help increase your overall athletic performance


Programs offered:
Golf Fitness, PGA Training, LPGA Training
Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, etc
Track & Field, Wrestling, Water Sports, etc
Gymnasatics, Dance, Cheerleading, Volleyball, etc
Tone & Fit Bootcamp Training
Corporate Wellness
Residential & Community Fitness Programs
For additional Programs or questions contact (909)773-0033

Titleist Performance Institute: Golf Performance Training        Increase Your                                                                                               POWER...                                                                                                DISTANCE...                                                                                             STRENGTH...                                                                                              FLEXIBILITY...

Unlimited Bootcamp Classes $99 Month

$99 Month for Unlimited Bootcamp Classes. Work with certified trainers taking you through an intense 60 minute workout.

Sports Performance Training

UPEC offers weekly classes for athletes that will Improve your



For many years, UPEC Fitness has been providing Friendly, personal attention to its members, helping them stay fit, active and healthy. We are here to help you reach all of your fitness goals. Regardless of whether you've ever set foot in a gym before, our trainers will listen to your needs and develop a customized workout for you to achieve your goals.

Tone & Fit Bootcamp Schedule

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